Serious Sewing

I've sewn close to 75 face masks in the past two weeks. Oy, it seems like more than that some days. In any case, now that face masks are recommended in public, people are needing them more and more. And the government has recommended homemade masks for the general public when buying essentials in stores. This is straight up, the strangest time period to be alive - I'm glad the science is here to back it all up during this pandemic but it's all so counterintuitive because humans are social creatures. I'm an introvert though, so I do miss people - but not as much as I thought I would.

In any case, below are photos of what I've been doing. I switched from regular pleats to pocket pleats because it seems to frame the face better AND it's easier to sew.

At the end of the day we're all going to get sick, it's just spreading out the sickest patients so that we can all be taken care of. There's lots of people out there and we need to normalize wearing masks - other countries that have dealt with pandemics before immediately started wearing masks and are doing much better than the US (with the freaking idiot Orange Cheeto in charge). 

I just hope that we can help protect the elderly and the high risk patients. Covid-19 is a freaking killer of even those who are not at risk. Ugh.

On that note. Here's my week in mask photos. The sunshine this week is going to be amazing and we really need it!

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