Meal Planning for 3 Weeks

To meal plan for 3 weeks to keep us out of the grocery stores, I decided to turn to my current favorite cookbook - Eat At Home Tonight.

I choose to make tried and true recipes and throwing in some new ones but not too many - I need enough meals to get away with leftovers for lunch the next day, school lunches are available to pick up Monday - Wednesday up at the school, which are free. Tomorrow I'm going to run up to school and grab 3 extra lunches - one for Nana, my mom, and my mom's neighbor that we're delivering a few things to.

So here's my list:

Tacos Al Pastor
Skillet Chicken Pot Pie
Pulled Beef and greek yogurt pitas
Beefy baked sweet potatoes with cheese
Chipotle steak tacos
Lazy Marinated Chicken
Italian Sausage and peppers on hoagies
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches
Italian Chicken and Parmesan Pasta
Autumn Chicken with Cranberries & Gorgonzola
Magic Chinese Chicken Salad
Bahamian Johnny Cake (serve with Chili OR leftover Chicken Souse from freezer)

More meals that we have ingredients for:
Ramen bowls
Chicken Soup
Pasta with meat sauce or meatballs
Macaroni & cheese
Fruit smoothies

Meal planning for weeks is kind of tough - Bimmer Man still likes frozen pizza a lot, it makes my stomach hurt and the last time, Baby Chewie refused it and The Monkey only eats the crust. I don't see a point in making it again - unless the kids can make their own pizza because then they will eat ALL of their pieces. But Bimmer Man just likes frozen.

Then I have to remember which meal uses up the fresh ingredients first so there's no waste. And plan for lunches - I love having things already made for lunch OR making specific meals for the adults that you just microwave and eat. I did that last week and it went really smooth. We'll see what happens this week!

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