Another Tooth Down

We're back to losing human teeth around here. HA!!!

The tooth fairy still needs to come, but honestly, I forgot and she hasn't mentioned the tooth fairy so...I'll leave a $1 at her spot and see what happens???


Spring is on Its Way!

Wool Pom Pom Hat: LL Bean
Waterproof Jacket: Madewell x Penfield
Black Vest: Patagonia
Denim Shirtdress: Old Navy
Green Leggings: Old Navy
Black waterproof booties: TOMS

There is a dog poop swamp in my backyard. There is a dead squirrel that fell from the front tree in the front yard. There is gross mud that the dog wants to roll around in. The gross snow mold is making Baby Chewie cough (I think! It started over a month ago, and that's one of the only things that I think it can be). The grass is NOT green, still brown and dirty.

Damn...I can't wait for spring rain to wash all the crap away!! Bring it on!!