Friday Finds 2/8

This week I'm taking on kid's clothes. The Monkey has her own style which means I'm on the hunt for mermaids this year (last year it was rainbows!) and so far, Mini Boden hasn't let me down on the swimwear end of mermaids.

This Cross-back suit fits the mermaid theme this year, and not too spendy either at $22, regular price!

This Flip Sequin suit is pretty awesome too! The higher price tag of $38 though, but I'm sure there's coupon codes floating around for a discount!

This is a toweling beach dress ($42) - so basically it's a wearable towel. For the past few years I haven't pulled the trigger on buying these but this year...I did it! I bought one for The Monkey and one for Chewie because I'm tired of wet clothes or just wrapping in a towel coming home from the pool or beach. I'm hoping these will solve our problems!

In a quick Google search, lots of mermaid themed clothing pops up but now The Monkey has reached the age where she doesn't want any "baby girl" styled clothing, so now when she wants themed clothes, that means that I have to hunt for more grown-up clothes that aren't too "baby-ish" which can be difficult but also super fun! This also means that Disney's Ariel is OUT. 

These Hatley pajamas might actually be ok for my little fashionista, mostly because they're pajamas!

Possibly this mermaid shirt from Macy's too. But I'm going to be honest, I have to give it the shoulder shrug because The Monkey may give it the shoulder shrug. She's reached the age where she now knows that if she says she likes it, I might actually buy it and SHE GETS TO GET SOMETHING (what it is doesn't matter to my little hoarder!). 

Clothes shopping is so hard for kids! Hopefully this gives you a few ideas for your little mermaid without the little kid-Disney theme.