Chrissy Teigen's Granola

My kids ate it. I made her recipe for Peanut Butter Covered Pretzels and Granola with leftover granola. And I effing hate whole stories to go along with recipes so why I'm still typing this crap, I don't know. All you need to know is that the kids ate it all. 

Buy her book, Cravings: Hungry For More and then you'll be able to experience the utter delight of eating homemade granola warm from the oven. 


OBSESSED: Jeggings

Am I really all that fashion forward? No, not at all. The Monkey though, that girl knows how to dress and she's got STYLE.

Me, well, after two kids and weight gain/loss I effing hate wearing pants. Or trying them on. So I generally stick to leggings and yoga pants and jeans that are so old that they're so comfy. So I needed to try something else.

I found "comfort waist band" jeggings at Old Navy. I literally about died laughing at the store. But then I grabbed a pair for myself anyway. They are so comfortable. I have three pairs. I probably shouldn't have three pairs.

But I don't fit into the size medium leggings at Eddie Bauer (THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES, I'M LARGER THAN A MEDIUM ON THE BOTTOM). My hips pretty much hate anything if the pants aren't curvy enough.

So lo and behold...the jeggings come in actual number sizes. THANK GOODNESS BECAUSE I WASN'T ABOUT TO BUY FOUR PAIRS TO FIND OUT THAT THEY JUST FALL OFF MY ASS.

So if you're at Old Navy buying up all the flip flops for next year, pick up a pair of these (but for the love of chocolate, don't buy this pair because LOOK AT THE ANKLES! BUY THE REGULAR ONES!). There, you'll thank me. Or you'll curse me. I'm not sure which. But whatevs, because if you now found a new pair of pants that fits your hips/ass/waist and doesn't need to be hitched up every few minutes, then you rock! Actually, I rock for recommending them.

Happy weekend shopping!!

CSA is Ending Soon

Oh, man. I am going to miss getting fresh eggs and cheese and vegetables on a weekly basis.

I think next year I'm going to sign up for their meat share too. It's so easy and convenient to pick up our food in one spot...then go to Costco once a week. Ha! 

The kids are getting better at eating all the different vegetables and I'm getting better at cooking them how the family likes to eat them. For example, Chewie and I demolished a whole bag of brussel sprouts sauteed with bacon. THAT WAS DELICIOUS. With just a sprinkling of salt. The Monkey eats raw broccoli, I haven't been able to cook ANY of the broccoli because it disappears even before it gets home. The kids eat the tomatoes like apples. I am the only person in the house that likes beets - I like them roasted and then cut like matchsticks and mixed into quinoa bowls (just watch out for pink poop the day after!). The kids need to have their eggs every morning.

Oh, I will be so sad when the deliveries end. 


Book Review: This One Summer

Graphic novels. When I think of graphic novels I think of the old school comic books, where the illustrations are bright, and I'm not quite sure where to move my eyes so the story continues. And when I read I'm not sure if I should pay more attention to the artwork or the words. I've never really been drawn to comic books so I thought I might have to trudge through a graphic novel.

As it turns out, this was AMAZING.

The illustrations are beautiful. I love how I get to see what the authors are thinking and the emotions of the characters.

The story is beautifully written - the teen summer angst is real, the authors capture the selfishness of the teen plus the story of the parents from the teen perspective. It makes me (as a parent) so frustrated and angry but as an adult and remembering my teen years, this graphic novel fits my memories perfectly.

I think that now, as a child of the 80's, reading books by authors who are also children of the 80's makes reading a bit more fun and possibly more interesting. I get to read books that have more of a perspective on life that are a bit closer to my own and it's nice reading books that include that. This particular story never happened to me, but I can see how the teens/preteens are acting.

So, overall, give graphic novels another go. They're fast and easy reads, the illustrations let you see exactly what the author wants you to picture and I love that!