I Need My Caffeine

For the second time (and second coffee-maker!) this year...my coffee-maker broke.

I'm so sad.

I never really liked coffee until I realized that I was making it wrong. And then after I learned NOT to follow the directions to make sludge on the coffee instructions on the bag, I've been really happy with my weak coffee (with coconut creamer!). Two cups and I'm good...well, usually they've been microwaved a few times and the last half I drink around noon. What can I say? It takes me a long time to drink coffee. Busy people have shit to do.

I bought a Hamilton Beach Flex Brew to replace an old (10 year old) Krups. That Krups was AMAZING. It was so simple and easy.

This Hamilton Beach started taking 45 minutes to brew a pot of coffee. Then when I tried cleaning it out last night...and descaling it...it totally stopped working. Except for the single brew serve half. So now I'm stuck with K-cups until Tuesday (I think that's my delivery day). I ordered an old school hotel coffee maker that only makes 4 cups along with a Bodum french press.

I'll have to learn how to make coffee all over again.


Ugh, first world problems.


This Week's Food

Right. So I've got 5 Delicata squash on my counter, 4 Butternut squash, several cherry tomatoes, and it looks like parsley is about to take over my deck. I'm not quite sure what to do.

Last night I roasted Delicata squash (400 degrees for 30 minutes) topped with olive oil, salt, pepper, and ras el hanout seasoning. That was DELISH. I also threw in half a bag of brussel sprouts. They were pretty good too but my favorite way to cook brussel sprouts is in a large pan with BACON. YUM! I'm planning that for tonight. I will probably cut up another Delicata squash and try it mixed in with the brussel sprouts and bacon.

I'm also planning on black bean + butternut squash tacos - there's a recipe in one of my Thug Kitchen cook books but I'm not sure if I have all the ingredients. We don't eat soy so sometimes I have to sub in something else (like...chicken...because we eat meat! HA!).

Wednesday is soccer practice AND The MOnkey is supposed to have a playdate but I'm thinking her sniffles/cold will thwart those efforts for the playdate. We'll see how snotty she is tomorrow morning. On those days, I HAVE to start using the crockpot but I'm just not inspired. At least with the crockpot, the meat is finished and I just have to worry about veggies/starches. So uninspired this week. It's also a New Moon so that means my focus is elsewhere anyway - this moon I'm trying to encourage myself to make time to exercise. I have discovered that I can really only focus on one "extra" at a time because life with kids is ridiculous and their needs come before my own. It is what it is and that's why our house is extra dusty. I don't have time.

This means I'll be scouring Pinterest for good crockpot recipes.

One day will be pizza day.

One day will be soup day.

And chili. I'm craving a HUGE pot of chili with the delicious cheese we got from our CSA this week. Note on our CSA: next year I'm going to sign up for the meat too! All of the food and veggies have been so delicious, it'll be easy to eat more from the farm!

Happy Tuesday!