Book Review: History of Wolves

This book made the short list for the Man Booker Prize this year. It's really no surprise after reading it. The characters are so well written that I wanted to throw this against the wall several times, much like Gone Girl. Ha! This book weaves together so many little things that I hope I didn't miss any small details. Told from the viewpoint of a grown woman's perspective of tragic events while she was a teenager. From the very start the reader absolutely knows that something tragic is going to happen, but what you just don't know.

There is one storyline in the book which I think I might have missed the point - Linda involves herself with another character, Lily. This part of the story baffles me because the main story is about the little boy that Linda was baby-sitting. The family is Christian Scientist and from this, I'm sure you can deduce exactly what tragedy will take place (though to be honest, I thought it might be a drowning at first but...I was wrong!). As Linda grows up, what happened to her as a teenage affects her relationships as an adult, I'm so glad this book tackles that as a subject because I think so many people have unresolved issues and really aren't sure what to do or how to cope with those feelings.

In short, this book was a fabulous quick read. It went by so quickly, I really wished there was more to read. Not all the storylines were wrapped up, so I'm hoping there's more to come (like maybe a prequel?). This book also made me want to delve into the details of Christian Scientists and definitely makes me want to read more books by Emily Fridlund. Her writing was lovely and a pleasure to read.
I would recommend this book, especially if you're looking for a present for the upcoming holidays.


Friday Finds

Oh, I've been having so much fun wandering my way through the internet and finding fun things to dream about buying or things that I just love. 

Found while surfing around the interwebs today:

Oh, and once you get to the Wayfair website, you may have problems leaving that website. It's a little addicting looking for fun home goods! Happy shopping!

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Happy December!

I have decided that I know exactly why it's been a bit difficult to blog.

Chewy is nuts. Certifiably. Why?

Because he climbs on everything. He wants to walk everywhere. He wants to do everything his big sister does. He is into everything as well.

But I guess that sounds like a typical toddler! Ha!

In any case, I rarely find time to blog because we're on the go a lot - with two kids, I swear, time flies by so fast that at the end of the night all I want to do is climb into bed and read a book and then fall asleep. 

Then morning comes too soon!

New Year's is coming up soon and also New Year's Resolutions. I don't think I have any, and in general I'm not a huge fan. I think if you know you need to change something or want to change something then you can start at any time of the year, and besides, any of the change of seasons is a great time to start or at a New Moon. 

Now that I feel a bit more caught up with housework, schedules, and kid crap, I think I'm going to add blogging to my weekly list of things to do. I'm going to try to write more about what I want to and not about catching you up with my life every few months (because omg, we really do live a boring life!). So I'm wishing myself luck.