The garden is off to a craptastic start.

Well, sort of.

Last year because of Chewie, I couldn't bend over much to garden because I didn't want to pop any stitches so that means that I wasn't able to weed as much as I wanted - instead I mulched and covered what I could, I dug up what I could and I sprayed vinegar at least twice per week.

But we have fucking ridiculous weeds - Creeping Bellflower (that has weird roots - it's like they're tubular, but creeping as well, you don't EVER get the whole thing by just pulling up the flower or the top, you literally have to take shovelfuls of dirt and throw the whole shovelful away); I found Ragweed one year and eradicated that; and I found a bit of Creeping Charlie in our front yard.

So this means that I was digging out lots of dirt in the gardens just to get rid of the bad soil - I'm still not done, I need to get more yard waste bags.

I also need to tackle the job of getting rid of grapevine. That shit needs the strong weed killer so I was forced to buy Roundup. This is the first time I've bought it and I am absolutely disappointed that nothing else will work on the grapevine and bellflower. I'll be wearing gloves and boots to use it - it's a carcinogen and quite frankly, I'm actually more pissed that people let their fucking weeds wander so that gardeners like myself are forced to use this shit so that I can save other plants and fences.


I do love it,

Streak of Gray


I suddenly saw a streak of gray hair. OMG.

I'm not quite panicked yet but still.


Does this mean I'm old? Does it mean I stress out too much? Or does it mean I just suck it up and get my hair colored every few months so I don't have to see it?

I'm thinking I just go get it colored. So that's on my list of things to do today - make an appointment at Aveda and get my hair colored. I should just book standing appointments for massages too. That might make my grays disappear. Or alcohol. If I drink enough then my vision will be blurry and I won't be able to see it, right? No, that won't work. Good grief.