Junk Mail And Wine Clubs

Do you ever get a great piece of junk mail and think "I AM GOING TO SIGN UP FOR THAT SHIT" every once in awhile?

Well, that happened to me today.

I've been ordering a few items off of Zulily lately (and even if you're not a parent there's TONS of women's clothes, shoes, and home items but I mostly order kid crap) and in the packaging when the items come (and NOT in a timely manner, I do have to say - some items have taken WEEKS to ship!!) there's a $100 wine voucher for nakedwines.com.

So today I looked at the website. I added cases of wines to the cart.

And then I almost hit myself on the head with a baseball bat.

I can't drink until May and even then I won't have time nor will I actually want to because taking care of a newborn and drinking alcohol is not smart. So clicked on the "X" and closed the webpage.


It was just like the freaking bagel coupon that came in the mail a week ago to Einstein Bro. Bagels. I really wanted a bagel so I kept the coupon but guess what...THERE'S NO EINSTEIN NEAR OUR HOUSE.

So after a week those coupons went into the recycling.

And this wine voucher...it's going into the garbage too. I'm not joining a wine club for $40 per month plus paying another $100 for a case of wine on top of that. I'm going to be honest - I'll totally forget to order after the third month which is exactly what I'm sure the company wants me to do anyway.

I'll just go to the France 44 liquor store and demand that someone put together a random case of wine for me and BAM. I'll drink it later this year. I think we get like $5 off for every $75 we spend anyway for belonging to their club anyway. And I also think they do a discount if you buy wine by the case.

So moral of the story...stop opening the crap junk mail and just recycle it.

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