Clear The Clutter...

Can I do it before this next baby gets here? I'm not really sure.

All I know is this:

Crap keeps coming into this house and there's not much crap leaving this house.

That needs to change.

So far I can think of at least 25 items that need to leave this house.

This includes: stuffed animals (GOOD GOD. HOW MANY STUFFED ANIMALS DO PEOPLE NEED TO GIVE US. NO MORE. NO MORE. NO MORE); old small kids chairs that no longer are used or are too small or just take up space; The Monkey's old baby clothes that won't work with a boy; a few gardening items (but I seriously do need a pitchfork); two old platters that I don't use; and then in June - maternity clothes (OMG, will we actually be done having kids though??? That answer might change, I'm not sure!); and some other clothes that don't fit me.

Next week (after menu planning) I'm going to start on bags and piles of "stuff" that needs to leave this house. And I'm going to try to take pictures because I'm already amazed at just the things that I can think of that need to leave this teeny tiny 1949 house.

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