The Tree Is DOWN

It's gone. It's down.


The stump still isn't ground so that still has to be done. The tree guys pulled up the old, rotting fence and I refused to let them put it back so we need to get a dumpster bag for that (and um, hopefully get rid of more stuff!). I would LOVE a new fence, especially one where the gate works, it closes, it doesn't have missing screws making the whole thing "off" and the posts are actually CEMENTED into the ground. Yep, that's right folks, the tree people LIFTED THE WHOLE FENCE OUT OF THE GROUND.

So that crap is still sitting in our backyard. I can't wait until it's gone.

Next year I'll do tomatoes against the fence so they'll be in full sunshine, two raised garden beds with trellis' between them (with peas growing on the trellis) to make a little fort for Simone. That will be a TON of work, but so awesome.

Andplusalso, I had Bimmer Man put a hook in the fence for a Mason Bee House - I just peeked into it yesterday and it doesn't look like there was too much activity this year, I saw only a few pieces of bamboo had been occupied. I'll bring that in for the winter and then put it out super early next year to hopefully get more bees into our yard!

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