Fall & Winter Crochet

This year I'm having an open house with my two artist neighbors to show off and sell our artwork (jewelry, pottery, & crochet). I can't quite decide what to make yet.

Scarves are a usual suspect but I also want to make more headbands, some kid stuff, and maybe a few other things. I've purchased several patterns over the last few years and I have a few things that I really want to make.

This week I'll be pouring over my Pinterest boards and my patterns deciding what to get to work on for this year's sale. I've got a few chunky infinity scarves left plus three headbands and several hats that I had been working on for a sale a few months ago which turned out to be pretty crappy - it was a "Ladies Night Out" and turned out to be a networking even instead. No one was looking to buy anything. BOO.

I'm almost finished with a wedding blanket, but I have two baby blankets to make (one baby is due in October, the other in December, so at least I have some time and they're spread out!). Also, one baby is a girl and I haven't made a "girl" blanket in so long! I'm so excited! That one will be striped - gray, white, and then either a heather pink or a heather purple with some sort of teal or aqua accent. The "boy" blanket will be easy - I've done so many "boy" blankets that I have blue yarn in my stash, so that will be blue, aqua, and white striped. I might have a gray too in the same yarn.

So... in the next few weeks I'll be posting some ideas for items to make. I really just need to get my brain storming going and getting out of the "summer" swing of things (which was doing... well, nothing for crochet except making blankets for other people!).

Really Awkward Friday Storytime

Yesterday I hurt my dominant wrist. My right wrist.

I'm not sure exactly what happened - it happened either when I was hauling mulch awkwardly with a shovel OR when I almost got hit by a car on my bike. Not sure. But whatever. I remember SOMETHING hurt in my wrist after I got back from my bike ride so that was probably when it happened (but I rode my bike AFTER shoveling... so who knows...).

In any case, have you ever had to wipe after going to the bathroom with your non-dominant hand?

It's a bit awkward, isn't it?

I don't recommend it, unless you really, really have to.

So Happy Friday.


The Tree Is DOWN

It's gone. It's down.


The stump still isn't ground so that still has to be done. The tree guys pulled up the old, rotting fence and I refused to let them put it back so we need to get a dumpster bag for that (and um, hopefully get rid of more stuff!). I would LOVE a new fence, especially one where the gate works, it closes, it doesn't have missing screws making the whole thing "off" and the posts are actually CEMENTED into the ground. Yep, that's right folks, the tree people LIFTED THE WHOLE FENCE OUT OF THE GROUND.

So that crap is still sitting in our backyard. I can't wait until it's gone.

Next year I'll do tomatoes against the fence so they'll be in full sunshine, two raised garden beds with trellis' between them (with peas growing on the trellis) to make a little fort for Simone. That will be a TON of work, but so awesome.

Andplusalso, I had Bimmer Man put a hook in the fence for a Mason Bee House - I just peeked into it yesterday and it doesn't look like there was too much activity this year, I saw only a few pieces of bamboo had been occupied. I'll bring that in for the winter and then put it out super early next year to hopefully get more bees into our yard!