Antiques! Hastings & Red Wing

If you've ever heard of Red Wing Shoes (Um, Ryan Gosling has a pair, along with David Beckham), that's where I went - to Red Wing, Minnesota with my mom and sisters. We also stopped in Hastings and then went to Treasure Island Resort And Casino. If you're not from Minnesota you might be surprised to hear that all casinos in Minnesota are run by Indian Communities - Treasure Island is run by the Prairie Island Indian Community - the Mdewakanton community. Gaming is how most of the communities make money to support themselves. If you've never heard of reservations or communities - google some in your area and learn their histories. I feel like we don't have enough of that subject in schools so kids have no idea why the Native American history is so important and so unknown.

In any case, antiquing was pretty awesome. I found some really neat "treasures" I guess you could say.

I've tried really hard to stop buying plastic - but with a 3 year old that LOVES princess stuff and dolls and cars and toys... I'm finding it really hard to find Disney princess items that are NOT plastic. So I've just resolved to stop buying plastic in other areas. I don't get plastic bags to get produce, instead I use flip and tumble Set of 5 Reusable Produce Bags. They're AWESOME. And I've also become one of THOSE people that just flat out refuses plastic bags. So I have to find weird ways around not buying plastic or hauling things home. It can get interesting especially when you're shoving your groceries in your purse and making your 3 year old carry whatever she can too.

One of the ways to stop buying plastic IS toys - I've been buying used doll toys - so I bought an antique doll bed that rocks, and one other fun thing I did so The Monkey can have a tea party - I bought her tiny antique espresso cups and a little creamer. All three items are made of heavy glass, so if dropped they shouldn't break (but they're WAY better than the Fisher Price plastic pink crap that has holes in it right now - I'll list that stuff on the local garage sale site).

Red Wing Pottery. If you haven't been to their back room yet, you have to see what they've got! This was a 2nd, which means it's flawed though I haven't actually found a flaw yet. 

A cute little print. I have no clue where I'm going to put it but it was super cheap. I'm thinking I might put it in our dining room.

The little cradle with crochet blankets that The Monkey uses for her dolls.

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