YAY!!! SNOW!!! Oh, wait... RAIN!!!

I'm pretty sure I need to return my snowshoes if I want it to snow.

When I bought them back in November I was so certain that it would snow. A lot.

And it didn't.

We've had a handful of snow storms that have been accumulations of only 3-4 inches and then it's melted.


I've been super jealous of the Boston snow storms lately and it's because all I want to do is get outside in the snow.

One of my goals that I want to achieve this year is to bring Simone out snowshoeing in deep snow. I know that she can snowshoe because after a 4 inch snow we went down to the park where she RAN in her snowshoes up and down the big hill, went around the pond and in and out of snowbanks. She was really great at walking in her snow shoes but I think they also slowed her down a little (which was great for me, it meant that I didn't have to run in my snowshoes!).

Sometimes I think Mother Nature is against me.

But probably not next year. Maybe next year we'll end up with 6 feet of snow and Simone and I will have to snowshoe up to the co-op with a makeshift sled to get supplies. HA.


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