Keep On De-Cluttering

I think I've reached the point where it's now getting to the hard stuff to de-clutter.

More sentimental items.

Possibly more furniture.

Or possibly not.

I'm not sure, I guess we sort of have to live a bit with the less stuff and see how things go. I think I still have too many kitchen appliances and kitchen gadgets so I'm going to need to go through my drawers AGAIN. I can think of two baking dishes that I don't use off the top of my head so those are going to go into my "Donate" box.

I tossed two more pairs of pants into the Donate box and I think I have at least two more sweaters that can go.

I'm going to have to clear out some more books. And more children's books. I want at least one empty shelf in the living room book case. Somehow, having one empty shelf makes me feel better.

I donated extra towels, which I haven't felt that pinch yet - I don't think we will anyway. We still have at least 10 towels for 3 of us, so I do laundry every other day, we should always have at least two clean towels around here.

The basement is slowly but surely getting finished. I need to go through two more boxes in our storage area, hopefully toss a few things and donate a few things to have more room. I'm thinking about getting one more storage shelf - but not until next fall when we have to bring the outdoor toys and stuff inside again. There's one storage box that is empty and HUGE that needs to go. It's been empty for YEARS except for random crap we've tossed in.


We put it outside for the last garage we had but it had no takers. So, I'm thinking it's going to be donated to Goodwill, it's a 4 post bed that's in GREAT shape but it just doesn't fit our style anymore. I'd rather have just a frame until we're ready for something new (or not) instead. It filled up our bedroom and made it seem so much smaller. Time for that to go!

Bah. Back to de-cluttering.

Happy Monday!!

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