1,000 Posts - Time to Celebrate - Giveaway Time!!!

I hit 1,000 posts on my blog. It took me YEARS to do... unlike lots of blogs out there today... I just don't have the time to post several things daily to hit a posting number of 1,000 in a year or 6 months or whatever. I've come a long way... from Minnesota to Indiana and back again to Minnesota!

In celebration of everything I've posted (food, home decor, crochet, dog stuff, kid stuff, organizing stuff, random posts, stories about my daily life), I've decided to do a fabulous giveaway!

Now you might ask... how do you enter? 


Just comment on this post. 

I'll enter in the number of comments into the random number generator at random.org and voila! That number comment wins! I'll contact you via e-mail (whatever is connected to your Blogger ID, if you comment anonymously, well, then I can't contact you and you don't win). If you don't e-mail me back with your address within 3 days, I'll go back to the number generator and then next person will win.

The drawing will CLOSE on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5. Winner announced on the 6th. 

Open to continental US residents only.

Now, onto the prize. 

It's a cowl - cream, one of my most popular cowls this past season and since it's still cold in Minnesota and across the country, well, I think it's perfect.

Good luck!!!

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Kass Brown said...

Congrats on your blog, I update mine once a year!