Sad? No... HAPPY!!!

I was a little sad when I got a fun email from Etsy today telling me that someone bought this scarf

I know, it must be weird reading this (You're totally thinking "BITCH, TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!!! BUY MORE YARN!!!" Ok, if you're not thinking that, I totally would), especially if you view selling "stuff" in business terms, but let me tell you about this scarf.

It's made of the softest freaking yarn. 

I bought baby yarn for a friend when I found out she was pregnant. Only I incorrectly assumed she was having a girl. So I bought pink yarn. I pretty much screwed myself over because I went out and bought new yarn when I found out she was having a boy. I made her an awesome blanket. 

But then was suddenly stuck with yarn. 

And from the bottom of my disappointment in myself for getting too excited, I hunted for a stitch for a super soft scarf and came up with this. 

I still have half a skein left, but two full skeins in white and one full skein in pink. 

White is just too stark of a color for a scarf unless it's incredibly lace-y, and pink, well, is pink. 

So. Someone is getting a ridiculously soft scarf. I'm a little jealous. 


Also, in a week I will be putting my Etsy shop on "vacation" mode so that I don't have to run around hunting in various locations (er, packed up boxes for craft fairs) for items that might be sold. 

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