2014 Craft Fair Items

I'm planning on doing 3 craft events this year - the Brooklyn Park Armory, Finch's Boutique in NE Minneapolis, and possibly (if they will do another market this year) the Lakewinds Co-op Winter Solstice event. We shall see about the last one, I haven't heard anything yet, so that one may or may not happen. 

The items below will be sent to Finch's Boutique - I'll send 5-6 cowls, 6-7 children's owl hats, and several strands of bunting/garland, and possibly 5-8 pairs of boot cuffs/toppers. 

I'm getting nervous but excited, I'm not sure how I'm going to do set-up yet for Nov.8 at the Armory because I'll be sharing a booth - I want to bring a lot of stuff, but I don't want to set it all out at the same time (but at the same time I do because I really only make a limited number of each item). 

I dunno. We'll have to get together with all of our stuff and do a trial run to see what works.

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