Organizational "Stuff" - Do I Keep it or Toss it?

Since I've de-cluttered a few things I've cleared out storage bins. Now that there's no stuff to go inside them, I have to decide what to do with them.

I don't think I want to keep them but my thought process keeps going back to "I might use these!" I might buy more stuff to fill them! No, that's not what I want to do at all.

I've got 4 smallish bins right now that I don't know what to do with - I need large bins to organize The Monkey's clothes that she no longer fits in (I'm saving those for when we have our next child, and once we find out if it's a boy/girl, then I'll get rid of them or save them. Also, NO, I'M NOT PREGNANT, so don't think anything into this!!). However, I don't really want to buy new bins so I'm trying to get myself motivated to de-clutter the storage room in our basement so I can re-use the larger bins from that room.

And then I also have two CD storage boxes - I don't use CDs anymore thanks to modern technology and iTunes and Amazon so I don't know what to do with those. I think those will go into the next donate box for next week or the week after.

But I guess I can always post things on Craigslist and Freecycle - my only problem is that once I decide I want something gone, I want it gone that moment and I don't want to wait for someone to come and pick it up. When I'm motivated, I'm motivated and when I'm lazy, well, I'm lazy.

Same with the magnet spice tins on our fridge - if I use those as magnets for keeping stuff on the fridge, when it's used then everything under it falls to the floor. Irritating, annoying, blerg. So once I've used up the spices in those, I think I'm going to wash them out and give them to Bimmer Man to store small items in the garage. He can put them on his tool box or wherever to keep little things so they don't get lost.

De-cluttering can be more of a chore and a burden than a fun thing to do, however, once it's done and items are gone it's a fantastic feeling of relief. Or maybe a release? Not sure yet, but I do know that sometimes I need to sing "Let it go!" from Frozen to be able to just say to myself "THINGS AND STUFF DON'T MATTER."

BUT WHAT IF THE APOCALYPSE COMES??? WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT MY STUFF??? Meh, I'll probably wish I had stockpiled guns and ammo instead of craft supplies anyway, right?

I guess I don't need my organizing bins for organizing my stuff after all.

I'll put them all into my donate box.

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