New Recycling System

I cleared as much crap from the hooks by the side door as possible.

You might be thinking.... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT TENNIS RACKET THINGY????

That, my friends, is a bug zapper. I actually zapped myself with it once. It's a little, well, shocking... 

In any case, the last two paper bags were used last week, so we're just down to the new re-usable recycling bags. They can be rinsed out (which is fantastic because I'm not great at remembering to rinse beer cans).

I've got the recycling bags, the organic waste bin, the actual garbage bin, the cart, and finally, Rusty's water dish. I just swap the towel out. He drools too much for me to just put the dish on the floor.

So far the bags are working out really well. I've been able to bring my re-usable bags to all the stores with me and not have to worry about asking for paper bags for recycling. They're pretty square so they fit the small boxes from Amazon really well (beer can boxes too!), along with all my other recycling. It's been pretty easy so far, I just hope these stick!

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