De-Cluttering The Linen Closet

I have this dream that I buy a serger and I will magically have 2 extra hours every day to serge cleaning cloths, napkins, hem old jeans, and somehow, obtain the know-how to do those things by reverse osmosis. If I could just put my phone to my forehead and BAM! Knowledge and time! I would be in Heaven.

But no. That's life. 

I pulled two sets of sheets from the linen closet - one was a jersey cotton, the other a flannel. I cut up the flat sheets to make cleaning cloths (I was trying to channel my mother while doing this, I remember her slicing up towels for dusting cloths when I was little). I got 16 cloths from each flat sheet, since I don't have a serger for sides, I don't want them to fray but they don't need to be hemmed, so I'm going to use a few different stitches on a few cloths to see what works best - I'm just going to run a line of stitches around the outside and trim the excess fabric and the frays. I'm not a particularly great seamstress, however, I can sew in a straight line and I make pretty nice curves when I set my mind to it.

There are still a few sheet sets in my linen area of the closet upstairs. What we really need is just 2-3 sets of sheets - one flannel for the winter, one regular cotton for the summer and an extra set of cotton sheets for when I'm washing the dirty sheets.

I don't care if we have a dust ruffle so that went out into the donate box (it only picks up dog fur anyway). I only need one shower curtain so the dark, heavy blue one went into the donate box (it's not the right fabric for cleaning cloths so I don't want to attempt to cut that up). I'm currently sorting through our mismatched pillow cases and since we use a ton of pillows I can't really get rid of those right now. I will at some point organize them and determine which ones will be used and which ones are the favorites and get to stay. Small steps, people, small steps.

My quest continues on even as more stuff is accumulating on our property.

Bimmer Man's race shop's lease has ended so we have a TON of racing stuff, car parts, engines, you name it and we have it in our basement, garage, driveway, parked in the street, etc... That stuff will need to be sorted, fixed, put away and/or sold or stored somewhere else (I don't know which yet).


Up this week:

  • Swap toys (put away the potato heads, music instruments, string toys, dolls, stacking boxes)
  • Trip to Goodwill
  • Possible sell items on Facebook groups for online garage sales (but do I want the hassle???)
  • Get all dirty laundry cleaned so I can vacuum laundry room
  • Rake up grass in boulevard and go to Sunnyside Gardens for bulbs/sale perennials

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