So Long Irritating Rugs...

I love my bathroom rugs. They are approximately 2ft x 3ft, are more than an inch thick and ridiculously soft.

And I'm getting rid of them today.



From reading lots of "simple living" blogs, and minimalist blogs, and the book "Clutterfree With Kids," I've come to the conclusion that I just need to rid myself of the things that irritate me in my house. I hate cleaning. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that before. No? Yes, I'm sure that I have.

I tossed the dirty, disgusting dog bone rug that I hated vacuuming a few weeks ago. I've never been happier just to run the Dyson around the perimeter of the kitchen and then use the Bona mop with water/vinegar/essential oils. Now it takes me much less time to clean the kitchen.

I keep reading over and over again: less stuff = less stress

I'm thinking that I really like that idea. A lot.

And those damn bathroom rugs. I just can't sacrifice my sanity anymore for the luxury of my feet. I'm done. I bought a super small, more towel-like rug for the first floor bathroom which means that I can toss it into the washer with a load of towels instead of saving up rugs to do at once and shake my fist at the washing machine every.single.time I wash rugs. I'm done with one less stress and irritation.

I know that I bought something new, but I'm donating 3 rugs in place of one. I think it evens itself out. And why on earth did I have 3 rugs? Blerg. Consumerism, right? You see something that you think you have to have and buy it only to realize that it really just sucks the fun out of you.

So now as I wait listening closely for those damn rugs to unbalance the washer, I'm getting more and more excited to toss those rugs into my donate box.

My road to a de-cluttered house is turning into more fun by the week as I shed items that bring me more stress than I thought.


Do you need a de-cluttering challenge today? If so, do you have an item that causes you stress and irritation when you clean it or take care of it? How does it make your life better? In what ways do you justify to keep it? What would happen if you didn't have it? Could you live without it? Is there something else that you have that does the job better?

Are you going to sell it or donate it?

Feel free to comment with your "irritating item" and what you decided to do with it...

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