Shelf By Shelf, Item By Item - Hall Closet

Slowly but surely I'm working up to cleaning out the office, and whatever else I can.

It feels great to make little accomplishments though, and do them in 5 minutes or less which definitely doesn't make cleaning and de-cluttering feel like a chore. I have no schedule, just more of what looks like needs to be de-cluttered and cleaned gets done.

Maybe I should have a schedule?

No, I don't do well with self-set schedules. They don't quite make sense to me, as I don't know where to start and I may not have 15-30 minutes to do something on that day, nor might I feel like tackling a whole room.

Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

Which is why I share with you my two shelves that I cleared out this morning in under 10 minutes. Thanks, to Curious George on PBS I had time. WOO HOO.

However, since I really wasn't sure what was even in these shelves (because I just kept putting things in and not taking them out....), I really didn't know what I would find.

I kept a pile of bags to use for gifts, but I think I might go through them one more time and toss store-specific bags. I don't want to put a gift in a bag that doesn't correspond to the store. And I gave Simone two of the smallest bags so she can pretend to "shop" with her shopping cart at home too.

I do need to keep tissue paper. I ship all of my crochet wrapped in tissue paper, attach the invoice, etc... so that is all staying. The square basket will have to be sorted through again another time because somehow spare parts to pretty much everything were in there and not in a tool box (nails, braids, hardware, weird Ikea tools, etc...). I don't know if those things will need to be saved or not. I guess if they haven't been used in years, then I can toss.

But they look better than before. I didn't take a before picture. I didn't even think about it.

Just an FYI - The Monkey thinks Clinique's Be More Happy stinks so I tossed it. It smells like an old lady. Too bad I sprayed myself with it because I couldn't remember what it smelled like.

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