New Crochet Hats

The Monkey needs a new fun hat for this upcoming fall and winter. When I bring her with me to the yarn store she's absolutely drawn to the hot pink yarns. The SOFT ALPACA pink yarns. If she gets her hands on a skein or a ball of yarn, I know I'm walking out of the store with it, otherwise it will end up in a mad mess on the floor. Since I crochet, well, I can't turn down yarn but also, I never have anything in mind to make. She grabbed one skein of this and it's been sitting, waiting for me to think of something to make. I think this hot pink suits the alpaca well, right?

And since I love the pattern so much, I thought I'd try it out with a sock yarn that I found. It was free at a garage sale - I also picked up a yellow variegated yarn too, same sock yarn. I'm not quite sure if I like it yet, but I'll soldier on to try it out. This is the same pattern as The Monkey's hat, just larger for an adult.

As you can tell by the photo, I make these inside out to account for the back post stitch.

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