Holy Guacamole

These two kids. They just kill me with silliness and laughter some days.

When it's time to cook in the kitchen I try to find things that the Monkey can help me make. Guacamole is one of those things.

I don't actually home make it anymore, instead I Sandra Dee the shit out of it. Why? Because I just don't have time for it - plus the Monkey can help me more this way.

I cut the avocados, spoon them into a bowl and she mashes them with a potato masher. 

I cut the corner of a pouch of Rick Bayless' Frontera guacamole mix and she dumps it into the bowl of mashed avocados and mixes it all together.

Then we eat.

Side Note: The Monkey has now surpassed the "Minnesota Spice" level of just pepper in her food and will now eat spicy guac, medium salsas, and will taste spice chinese food. I'm extremely proud of her!

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