Becoming A Minimalist

Simplifying life isn't easy.

I woke from a nap today thinking the following - the most important people that care about ME when I die are in the same house as I was in that moment. Anything else doesn't matter. 

Really, things are just things. Stuff is just stuff. 

I don't need 6 beer coozies, I don't need 4 different coffee mugs. Or 37 drink glasses. 

All I need are my loved ones.

And so I've started simplifying my life. Shelf by shelf I've been going through our stuff and either tossing or donating. It feels great. 

And so I started doing the same with my friends on Facebook. I've gone from 437 friends down to 3??. I'm not sure, I just ask myself "does this person really care about the crap that I post?" If my answer is no, then they get deleted. 

It feels wonderful. 

I don't really need Facebook. I don't need the digital world to "like" me to justify my life, to make me feel "liked" or needed. I don't care all that much anymore. I'm over 30, I have other things to do than care about what people think about my life (I wish I knew this in my 20's!). I post photos for my family members and for my favorite people to see what I eat, do, make, etc... 

However, it's now time for me to start on a new journey in my life. I'm simplifying everything. 

And it feels fabulous.

I'm going back to where I need to be. 

I 'm starting to cut out technology, cutting out all the extras. Letting my days be free and fluid with the Monkey. No tv, just music or quiet time. Living life, I guess is what you would say. 

I just need the peace and quiet of simplicity.

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