Makin' Cat Beds....

I'm making these cat bed thingys for charity. Well, they're for Pet Project Rescue's Kitten Shower fundraiser later this month. All of them are from my scrap yarn bag - but I'm out of chunky yarn so for the next 2 beds I'm going to have to double strand yarn and crochet like that. I can use up my scrap yarn faster and the beds can be just a little bit more stiff and the sides can be raised a little more. 

Since I don't have a cat, I've just been "winging" the pattern. Super simple evenly increasing rounds using a chunky yarn with a double crochet for 8-10 rows to make the base. Then do a row of single crochet in FRONT LOOP ONLY of RS, then go in rounds in the single crochet to make the sides. Simple, but killing my wrists because of the chunky yarn. I'll have to take a break when I'm finished with these. 

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