Christmas in July Sale

Yes, yes please!!!

This summer I've been working on stocking up for a sale in November, but now I've realized that I think I have TOO MUCH stock if I'm going to share a table. I like being able to put everything out that I have at sales and now I have too many women's scarves, baby hats, etc...

At the sale in November I want to sell more cat beds (with a portion of those sales going to Pet Project Rescue) and have more men's items in stock. At the Winter Market there were several men that stopped by my table looking at wrist warmers (the women's wrist warmers are just a tad too small for most men), looking for warm wool hats, and plain gray or black scarves.

I have to tweak my stock a bit for this upcoming sale in November.

I need to move stock in my Etsy shop so I'm discounting prices with a special coupon code.

Everyone likes a bargain, everyone likes a coupon!

Get 30% off your purchase with this coupon code:  XMAS2014

And here's the link to my Etsy shop.

You'll find the following items in my shop (this is just a sampling...) -

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