Crochet Shawlette

Time. All I need is time. Just for crochet. Time doesn't come easy for me. I wish there were two more hours in my day (in which The Monkey was napping!!) so that I could have enough time to finish items and list them on Etsy. Last week I was able to list quite a few things and get a list of items to make going - more men's items and also, cat beds/baskets/bowls for charity for Pet Project Rescue's Kitten Shower later in July. The cat items will be for sale there, all proceeds will go to PPR.

This shawlette was easy to make, didn't take up too much time and I had two skeins of yarn that were just begging me to make something with them. This is the free pattern from Lionbrand yarns - it's the South Bay Shawlette. It's the perfect size for wrapping up warmly in the summer nights! I can't wait for someone to buy it and enjoy it - I may have to make one for myself!

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