Spring Cleaning 2014

To do:

Vacuum under the couch
Bring Rusty to the groomer
Dry clean winter clothes
Declutter for garage sale in May
Pick up dog poop
Clean both fridges & freezers
Vacuum stairs
Store outgrown kid clothes
Vacuum under the bed
Swap seasonal clothes
Rake yards

Blech. Spring cleaning.


Dining Room Update

It happened. We bought the Capiz Chandelier from West Elm. It's so much fun. At first I thought it might be hung a little bit low but now after living with it for a few weeks, it's perfect. 

Each shell had to be unwrapped individually and I was up late doing that. Bimmer Man was working on his bike. I wouldn't let him touch them for fear that he would break a shell. And I really do mean up late (at least 11:15, which is definitely too late for me!).

We also bought a coat rack for the corner. The Monkey's desk was moved into the office and I swapped the bookcase to other wall. It seems so much more open and larger now. It's amazing what a new chandelier can do! LOVE IT!!!

Next on my list of things to do:

Get ready for a garage sale on May 17. EEP. I can't wait to get rid of STUFF!!!