To - Do List

Don't I always have a to-do list?

I feel like I do.

Yesterday I made a list of my WIPs (works in progress) for crochet - 4 blankets. Ok, 5 if you count the one for me. And lots of ends to weave. Boo.

I swear, I just need one day (a full 10 hours) to get everything done. But then I'd just come up with other stuff to make and ignore what I already have. SO.

I need just one day. 

Maybe in the next few weeks Bimmer Man can take the Monkey to drop-in daycare and I can get everything accomplished. Maybe.

In the meantime I've been googling "Fisher Price Little People A-Z Zoo replacement animals" to find replacements for 5 missing animals. Oops. Who knows where they went...

By the way - I did replace dinosaur balls last summer from Fisher Price. And then the missing balls turned up. Go figure.

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