15 Homeowner Necessities in Minnesota

  1. Ice chipper
  2. Steel core aluminum shovel
  3. A very large pickle fork (the actual tool, not the pickle fork from the kitchen drawer)
  4. Really good water proof boots
  5. A sense of humor
  6. Another ice chipper
  7. At least one more shovel
  8. Sled
  9. No, make that a toboggan
  10. Fantastic water proof mittens (I recommend my Kombi mittens, which you can find at Hoigaard's or a great pair of fleece lined choppers).
  11. A dog that eats his own poop so you don't have to poop scoop
  12. Boot scraper in the shape of a Dachshund
  13. Neighborhood cat to keep away mice
  14. Boot tray (with river rocks)
  15. A Menard's knit hat to advertise that you "shop local"

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