Loves Her Boots

I love boots too. Especially when they're Frye.

Too bad for The Monkey I won't be lending them out to her any time soon...

OMG. I Put My Crochet on Facebook

What have I done? Possibly brought my crochet business up to date? Meh, at this point, I just have a lot of stock that I need to sell. I'm determined to clean our office which means that I need to sell stuff.


Here's the link

Like me on Facebook.

At some point I may do some sort of giveaway - but I can't really be certain because sometimes I forget.

Ok, so happy Wednesday.

Happy New Window Day to me!


Wordless Wednesday - Belize

Crochet Boot Cuffs

Bah. Photographing crochet and getting it listed on Etsy can be tough. Take photos? Sure! I've got time for that, but actually list items and make a description... bane of my existence. I'm horrible at describing things. I just am. What can I say? They're made of yarn. They're soft. They fit 15 inch calves. And um, well, that's about it. HA. 

In any case, most of these are now listed on Etsy. After coming up with a description I actually like, I just copy and paste, unless I've used thinner yarn or something. Why can being creative be so difficult?

Take a look. If you like what you see, then buy!

I'm thinking at some point I may post patterns, some I've been inspired by others but mostly I crochet as I go and keep the pattern in memory. 

I saw a super cute crochet wrap bracelet that I've been working on the past two days. I somehow need to make it adjustable with just one button but I don't think I can, I may have to add another button and make some measurements. Meh, we'll see how ambitious I am after The Monkey wanted to play at 1:30 am. 

Toddlers, go figure, right?


Rule of 3?

When it rains, it pours.

Especially with house stuff.

1. The dryer broke. A fuse blew, easy fix (but an $18.00 fix!). Thank goodness we didn't need a new one!

2. Windows. With this AWFUL winter the two original windows did not hold up. At all. The wood started splintering with the extreme cold/melt cycle and water damage happened with the side window in the living room. They leak air like crazy. The window upstairs was taken from a construction site and doesn't meet code, so that's being updated to a slider.

Three estimates later, we decided to go with an extremely local (Wellington Home Improvements) manufacturer. Our windows were made about a mile away. Woot!

They come on Wednesday. It will be 7 degrees. 

Expect before and after photos.

3. The furnace. It went out. And smelled horrendous. It was just the blower fan or so we thought...

Turns out it was leaking carbon monoxide at a dangerous level (headaches, I had a lot of headaches!).

So a new high efficiency furnace had to be installed. They came at 8am. New furnace was in by 4pm.

Gah. Homeownership. We've learned a ridiculous amount of info over the past three weeks.