To Do List for the Week

Since The Monkey has been better at playing on her own lately, I've discovered that I can get a few things done. Ok, maybe not finished completely but started.

Yesterday I organized my closet a little bit. I pushed my old work clothes to the back, pulled stuff off of hangers that aren't supposed to be there (like my Gopher sweatpants! No wonder I couldn't find them for a year!!!), pulled out the hangers from the drycleaners that I hate and made some room for some new stuff.

I'm still at a loss for what to do with some things - like my Gopher shirts, sweatshirts, etc... I don't wear some of that stuff except for once a year so I need some sort of a catch all bin to toss it into and put it in the back of the closet when I need it. 

At some point today, tomorrow or Friday afternoon I need to go through my dresser and pull out stuff to donate. I have lots of things I don't wear much or forgot to switch out when it started to get cold. I've lost some weight and certain jeans, shorts, pants don't fit anymore that I need to get rid of.

And yesterday I found a pair of pants with a hole in the crotch. I seriously kept them. Why???? WHY??? 

Oy, I need to learn to let go of old clothes...

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