I Need Some Summer

Snow, cold.

Ok, Polar Vortex sums it up better. 

I'm longing for summer. For 95 degree days, biking, kiddie pools, shorts, tank tops, flip flops, bare feet.

There's only so much winter one can take.

So I'm plotting my gardens.

Take out half of the yellow daylillies
Split and take out half of the asiatic lillies
Pull out all the dead and brown green stuff that sits on the concrete blocks
Pull out the box hedges
Plant vines in the boxes
Plant broccoli, cauliflower, sage, cilantro, and lavender to attract bees
Pull out half the bee balm

New mulch
Figure out how to get dog not to pee on my flowers
Find a spot for 3 anemones
Plant tomatoes, basil, squash, possibly peas
Move 4 hostas to hide A/C unit
Get rid of fire pit
Make lawn games

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