Crochet Wristwarmers Pattern

All have been super easy crochet patterns.

In general - 

You'll be working in length.

Row 1. Chain 28. Turn.

Row 2. DC in 4th chain from hook. DC in all chains across. Turn.

Row 3. Skip 1st stitch. DC in each stitch across. Turn. Repeat.

Rows 4-12 (or 15, depending on fit!!). Repeat Row 3.

Fold in half so the row you just finished is lined up with the foundation row.

Slip stitch the first 6 stitches together.

Slip stitch back loop only through the next 7 stitches of one side only.

Slip stitch evenly through the last 15+ stitches.

Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

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