Clearing Out the Crap

I just started reading Simplicity Parenting. And I want to clear out the crap.

We have a lot of toys - but not nearly as many as other people have. And I need to cull them out even further.

Last night I cut the books in the book shelf by half. Yes, I decreased the amount of books. Ouch, right? Well, no, not really. I pulled out all the books that were age inappropriate, the ones that were too young and the ones that she wasn't interested in. What's left? Only the ones she likes - Curious George, Christmas books, one Berenstein Bear, Clifford, simple french books, and the Story Reader.

During naptime today I will pull out the three puzzles she doesn't do, the toys missing pieces and all the stuffed animals. Oy, luckily we have a few boxes so I can store stuff!

Some things I will move to the basement, others to her room, and some things I might put on Craigslist. We'll see.

I want her toys to be back to the basics - the play kitchen, musical instruments, puppets, stringing toys, building blocks, etc... According to the book it makes kids more focused, more imaginative, more focused on play - which is what childhood should be! 

Wish me luck. I'm going to organize our office at some point too.

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