Another Craft Fair

February 22 in Brooklyn Park.

This time I'm much more relaxed. I haven't felt the need to whip out 15 hats in 4 weeks or make a new pattern 10 times over.

I have made 2 hats, 2 blankets and a ton of crochet star and flower garlands though. Just simple stuff.

Since this venue gives us a 10x10 area I can be more creative with my goods. 

I'll have a table, a clothes rack to hang wreaths and I think I'm going to bring my drying rack and clothespins to pin wristwarmers and hats to free up space on the table for scarves.

I have to hang the garlands somehow, so maybe I'll rig up something between the drying rack and clothes rack.

Oh, creativity... I hope it doesn't allude me the week of so I can come up with some fun display ideas!

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