Menu Planning Monday

Blerg. It's so hard to do menu planning.

But it's inevitable, if I don't do it we end up eating frozen pizza 3 out of 4 times... SO... I HAVE TO MENU PLAN.

Part of the problem as a stay-at-home mom is that I have to plan for two meals per day (breakfast is easy!). And I like to cook so I cook. I'm only really good at planning out meals 4-5 days in advance. I change my mind, I realize that veggies go bad, Simone is having an off day and I just can't cook. It happens. Life happens. Whatevs...

This week is easy -

Lunch: Leftover lasagna from last night
Dinner: Calzones - with stuff from the fridge (pizza dough, pasta sauce, mozzarella), and steamed cauliflower

Lunch: leftover calzones OR spinach tortellini
Dinner: Crockpot teriyaki chicken with potatoes & carrots

Lunch: leftover chicken
Dinner: T-bone steaks with baked potatoes and frozen veggies

Lunch: Mac & cheese with frozen veggies
Dinner: Pot stickers & fried rice

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