Contact Paper Window Art

Making art is something that most toddlers like to do. After perusing Pinterest for awhile I found a few blogs with toddlers and the kids really enjoyed contact paper.

The Monkey really only liked it for a little bit - but I didn't have any tissue paper squares (which are coming in the mail today!) so I had to modify it a bit and use pom poms. Did The Monkey like the pom poms? Well, let's just say that they ended up all over the floor and NOT on the contact paper. 5 minutes and she was done. SO we will try this again with the tissue paper squares later today. 

The general idea: tape contact paper to a window. Give the kid something that sticks really well and enjoy the peace and quiet for a bit. 

Also, I just realized that from the pom pom picture below - my hands are getting to get wrinkly. I need to buy some really good hand moisturizer.

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