Google Reader

It went kaput. 

This is old news, yes??!?!?!?

But I'm super late with stuff like that and about a month ago I went to move my feeds to Feedly.

Can't even log in. 

Doesn't exist.


Ok, more expletives. 


I've had to wait for comments to find people's blogs. I've had to google such words as "knock knock motherfucker metal chicken." And other keywords such as "that blogger with the blue crap." 

Oy, I hope they don't look at Google Analytics.

I hope I can find my "people" again. Don't worry, I will find you so I can comment on your posts again too!!!

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Quirky Jessi said...

Ouch, that really sucks. :( I used Google Reader so extensively that I ended up exporting mine to multiple alternatives in hopes of getting all of the features from one of them eventually, ha. I can't imagine trying to find everybody again. :(