Google Reader

It went kaput. 

This is old news, yes??!?!?!?

But I'm super late with stuff like that and about a month ago I went to move my feeds to Feedly.

Can't even log in. 

Doesn't exist.


Ok, more expletives. 


I've had to wait for comments to find people's blogs. I've had to google such words as "knock knock motherfucker metal chicken." And other keywords such as "that blogger with the blue crap." 

Oy, I hope they don't look at Google Analytics.

I hope I can find my "people" again. Don't worry, I will find you so I can comment on your posts again too!!!


Freezer Meal - Breakfast Bowls

Roast about 2lbs of potatoes cut into bite size pieces - season with salt, pepper, paprika.

Make breakfast sausage.

Scramble 9 eggs.

Top with cheese.

Put into bowls in the same order above.

Options: salsa, black beans, more veggies

Bacon doesn't work well in this recipe. BOO.

The trick: put the bowls together after everything has cooled. 

Meal Planning for Freezer Cooking

Oy. Lots of work now... Reap the benefit later, right???

With all the CSA veggies I can make a bunch of freezer meals for this fall. Especially with the veggies that we don't normally eat now - peppers, celery, leeks, etc... I'm not sure what to do with the leeks except for shoving them into meatless pasta sauce. I still need a meal for those.

So far:

Breakfast Bowls - potatoes, eggs, green onions, cheese, salsa, blackbeans in half of them

Breakfast Burritos - eggs, sausage, peppers, cheese

Chili - beef, beans, peppers, onions, celery

I've only got 3 planned so far - and I only have enough time to make one at naptime. C'est la vie!