Schedule Changes

I don't know why but schedule changes upset me. They upset my rhythm of the day/week/month/etc... The Monkey adapts well so it's surprising that I don't.

She just went down to one nap.

That means that I don't shower until noon. I can't set out the sprinkler without putting The Monkey in a swim diaper. Our house is a mess. Really, it looks like a small hurricane came through until I can get it organized until The Monkey wakes up again. Sometimes the dishes don't get done. And laundry, oh the laundry piles!

But also - you can't leave a toddler alone. You can't just crate them to vacuum and clean. They find everything you don't want them to play with (we were missing a remote for about a month, I still can't find all the animals to the Fisher Price Zoo, there's only 2 pacifiers left out of 6).

BUT there are fabulous aspects of one nap.

We grocery shop when no one is at the store, go for 2-3 mile walks, we're not rushed anymore, and in general, the chaos has been somewhat contained to just "stuff" and not the frustrations of super short playdates and whirlwind shopping. 

Oy, I just have to get used to our new schedule. And learn how to enjoy laundry piles. They'll get done eventually, right?

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dm said...

I've been fighting putting my son on one nap, down to crying on the days when he only takes one. Maybe it won't be so bad?

We're definitely not ready for quite yet, but this gives me hope.