Bimmer Man and I are invited to a wedding tomorrow and I am so excited! It's for one of my good friends and I am so happy for her. It's a new adventure, new excitement, yay!!!

But as we got them presents it reminds me of a funny story about our wedding. 

The next day we were exhausted at our gift opening. And I mean exhausted (ok, probably hung over). Four presents were wrapped the same so we wrote one thank you card for all the presents.

Someone who bought us a picture frame was thanked for a vacuum. The person who bought the vacuum was thanked for a gift card. The person who bought a gift card was thanked for something else.

I can barely remember anymore.

And I didn't even realize our mistake until a year later when I thought about who bought the gifts. One couple would NEVER buy a pink vacuum. Oy, of course you can't go back and re-write thank yous. 


On the back of card for this wedding I'm writing what our gifts are. I'm making it easy for thank yous! 

Happy Thursday and happy wedding season!