Chunky Grey Blanket

I started a fantastic project. Originally this was to be a present, but now since I ran out of yarn (I bought out all skeins at Joann's), I'm not sure I can finish it on time. I ordered more to complete it but I think it may take too long to arrive. 

SO, I need to come up with something else super fast or buy a present. Boo... Maybe the receiver won't mind a late present? Not really sure...

But I do make blankets, this is more on the expensive side, (you'd find it in my Etsy shop for $250, but it's really a steal compared to the crochet blankets found at Restoration Hardware), and sometimes chunky yarn is ridiculously expensive for how little yardage you get. Handmade is worth it though and I really wish that I could finish it in time to give as a gift. Boo for that.

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