Memorial Day

In a way I was dreading this day, but at the same time I was so looking forward to it.

The last time I visited my dad's grave, I couldn't even get out of the car. I parked, took a deep breath, and got the urge to drive on, so I did. I wanted to tell him about all the awesome things but I couldn't. I can't remember if it was because we were moving to Indiana or that I was engaged. 

Now my visit included my child. 

Plus two other people buried at Fort Snelling that needed to be remembered. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I knew 3 people in one cemetary or that I wanted my dad to meet The Monkey. But we did it. 

Unfortunately all the parking spots were taken up by Betty & Stu, but we waved as we went by their cremation spots. They are also within walking distance, so that wasn't too bad. Memorial Day was busy, and now I'm so glad we stopped & visited (and I do talk to my dad, I'm THAT person at the cemetary, had The Monkey not been with me I would have whipped out my phone to show pictures!).

A Short Trip

Cotton Dishcloths

Aahhh, some mindless crochet, which is exactly what I've needed the past few days. I already have a TON of handmade dishcloths so I'm not sure what to do with these. I suppose I'll just add them to my collection, you can never have enough!

Separation Anxiety

We have entered into the Separation Anxiety phase. Ok, no, scratch that. Bimmer Man has been privy to The Monkey's separation anxiety. But yesterday it started with me. 


I go to the bathroom. Screaming starts.

I feed the dog. Screaming ensues.

I get a snack. More screaming.

Soooo.... Yep, there's lots of screaming. The joys of parenthood (at least I know I'm needed, right?).


Chunky Grey Blanket

I started a fantastic project. Originally this was to be a present, but now since I ran out of yarn (I bought out all skeins at Joann's), I'm not sure I can finish it on time. I ordered more to complete it but I think it may take too long to arrive. 

SO, I need to come up with something else super fast or buy a present. Boo... Maybe the receiver won't mind a late present? Not really sure...

But I do make blankets, this is more on the expensive side, (you'd find it in my Etsy shop for $250, but it's really a steal compared to the crochet blankets found at Restoration Hardware), and sometimes chunky yarn is ridiculously expensive for how little yardage you get. Handmade is worth it though and I really wish that I could finish it in time to give as a gift. Boo for that.


Blue Baby Blanket Complete!

Yay! One more blanket complete. I bought a ton of yarn at Michael's a few months ago but instead of knowing what I wanted to make I had no clue. I bought 2-3 skeins of a bunch of colors - just enough for a scarf/hat set or maybe a small afghan. 

I had enough blue to make this blanket and I just finished so it's now listed on Etsy. Woot!!!  It can be found here:  http://etsy.me/10PFWRZ


Green Star Ornaments!

2 are complete. Yay!!!

Now I just have to finish 19 more (I can't decide if I want to sell them in sets of 3 or 6).

Clipping Tails

Nope, not puppy tails! Crochet ends! 

I've lost my supply of sewing needles though, I'm sure I put them in the office and they disappeared. SoI'm working on sewing buttons & ribbons for hanging. The end is so close!


Me & The Monkey


What? Christmas???

I decided to start a new project. In my Etsy shop I'm going to have a Christmas in July sale with ornaments. I suppose if they don't sell I'll just put them on my tree. 

I'm going to sell them for $3 each OR $10 for a set of 4.

I think that's a fair price. I've had some interest in appliques too. I may make up a few flowers too. We shall see!!!

These are simple granny stars with 5 points. Easy!!


Aahhhhh! Super simple baby blanket is complete.

Just a simple V stitch with shell edging.

My Own Blanket


I am makining my own blanket. The only problem is that it's almost summer and it's wool so it's too hot! Grrrr...