Happy March!

I have to laugh. It's almost the 15th... and here I am saying Happy March!

These past few months have been so busy... By busy I mean we went to Colorado to visit CJ's grandmother, there's been teething, there's been a house to clean, friends to see and classes to go to!

Oy. I have been horrible at keeping up this blog and I apologize.

I read other mommy blogs and think to myself, "I need to manage my time better so I can blog!" And then what do I do? I look at the pile of laundry, the dirty floors from this Minnesota winter and the pile of yarn that I want to crochet with and forget about the blog... Oops.

Plus there's Rusty. He's just too cute and too soft not to cuddle with on the couch. He still needs love too.

But we put the crate out in the living room and he's loving it. So is The Monkey. She crawls in there daily and will sit and play with toys (with or without Rusty in the crate). Rusty is much happier. Though since January he has eaten a few toys plus magnets. Eep. At least this household knows that hydrogen peroxide works in a flash to get him to throw up magnets. Gross.

We cut the cable. That was a huge clutch to let go of. And we're happier. We don't watch tv as much anymore, and our pocketbooks are a little happier too!

Now it's almost time for St. Patrick's Day.


What a year this has been...