OMG. It's Been A Long Time

I feel like this type of posts pops up a heck of a lot more often now having a child.

She's crawling. Walking behind a walking toy. Holy crap. My baby is turning into a toddler.

In any case, I've taken pictures of food since December, I promise. I've taken pictures of my crochet projects, I promise (I just made the CUTEST slippers, I HAVE TO POST THEM!!). The living room has been reorganized at least twice. The dog has chewed up toys, magnets, etc... I almost had a heart attack earlier this week giving him hydrogen peroxide to make him puke. Yesterday he went to daycare and suddenly his behavior is better. Oh, Rusty...

I started couponing more (but who really wants to read about couponing??!!???), signed up for a CSA share from Driftless Organics again (this summer we're getting a weekly one since I'll be home I will be able to make lunches, dinners, use up the veggies, etc...).

I'm pinning crochet items on Pinterest with a passion. Oy. Last night I stocked up on yarn from Michael's. $1.89 for a skein of Vanna's Choice (yup, VANNA WHITE!!! Deborah Norville also hopped onto the yarn wagon train too). And $2.79 each for Lionbrand's WoolEase. I think I have enough for at least 50 pairs of slippers, but I won't be making that many, I promise. Instead I need to think of a few other items and maybe just make slippers for friends as gifts. Not sure yet. I need some inspiration.

This week during naptimes I'll be writing, scheduling posts, and hopefully editing photos so I can share with you all that's happened in the last month. Oh, and also schedule time to actually sit and write during the Monkey's morning naps. We shall see. I may be asking too much of myself. If only there were 4 more hours in the day...

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