Couponing Really Saves Money? WHAT???

Ya. It does.

We went on a budget to cut down on spending and save money.

In other words, we're living within our means again. Ouch, the booze budget has been cut (let's just say that The Big Friendly and 4 Buck Chuck is back in the house) along with the food budget.

So here's the deal.. there's all these coupon sites out there and I barely understand them. But here's what I do.

I find a sale price item (like Kraft shredded cheese) and a coupon for it and voila! At least cheaper than not on sale! For Target, I print off a Target coupon and then I also hand over a manufacturer coupon (this is called "stacking" and give 2 coupons for 1 item - you can get some great deals at Target this way too!).

I regularly save $40+ from our grocery bill. And now it's super fun. Sort of, but not really.

I clip coupons from the paper and online (target.com., coupons.com, redplum.com) and look at the ads, I match up coupons to the sale price items and that's that. It'll save you at least $20 off your next grocery bill.

I suppose I could save my next grocery receipt and type everything out for you. Well, no, I would take a picture instead. WAY easier.

So I hope this helps explain how some couponers work. I am not an extreme couponer. I do not haul away $500 worth of crap food for free. Instead I find coupons for things like meat, eggs, cheese, produce, canned tomatoes, pasta and a few other items (including organic!). So it may take 35 minutes but that's 35 minutes to save us money. YAY for saving money!!!


OMG. It's Been A Long Time

I feel like this type of posts pops up a heck of a lot more often now having a child.

She's crawling. Walking behind a walking toy. Holy crap. My baby is turning into a toddler.

In any case, I've taken pictures of food since December, I promise. I've taken pictures of my crochet projects, I promise (I just made the CUTEST slippers, I HAVE TO POST THEM!!). The living room has been reorganized at least twice. The dog has chewed up toys, magnets, etc... I almost had a heart attack earlier this week giving him hydrogen peroxide to make him puke. Yesterday he went to daycare and suddenly his behavior is better. Oh, Rusty...

I started couponing more (but who really wants to read about couponing??!!???), signed up for a CSA share from Driftless Organics again (this summer we're getting a weekly one since I'll be home I will be able to make lunches, dinners, use up the veggies, etc...).

I'm pinning crochet items on Pinterest with a passion. Oy. Last night I stocked up on yarn from Michael's. $1.89 for a skein of Vanna's Choice (yup, VANNA WHITE!!! Deborah Norville also hopped onto the yarn wagon train too). And $2.79 each for Lionbrand's WoolEase. I think I have enough for at least 50 pairs of slippers, but I won't be making that many, I promise. Instead I need to think of a few other items and maybe just make slippers for friends as gifts. Not sure yet. I need some inspiration.

This week during naptimes I'll be writing, scheduling posts, and hopefully editing photos so I can share with you all that's happened in the last month. Oh, and also schedule time to actually sit and write during the Monkey's morning naps. We shall see. I may be asking too much of myself. If only there were 4 more hours in the day...