And I Never Told You About The Neighborhood Burglar

Yes, yes, ladies & gents, we had a rash of burglaries throughout our neighborhood and July.

Stupid me even waved at the guy. TWICE.

One block north there was a burglary. During the day. When school was out. Kids were outside at all times during the day.

I didn't think too much of it. Except to lock the doors when I went for a walk.

Then the next day happened. THE GUY WAS WATCHING ME LEAVE. And our neighbor. He picked the neighbor's house to break into. He watched her leave. He watched me leave for our daily walk.

In 15 minutes he was in and out of her house. Jewelry was stolen.

So I set up the webcam and pointed it into the alley. If someone was going to break into our house, well then, I was bound and determined to catch him in the act. But Comcast decided to be stupid and cut in and out all day so no, it didn't work. And I was so disappointed because Comcast was stupid. Including the next day when I set up the webcam.

The next day my mom came over for lunch. We waved to a guy walking down the alley.

He broke into the house diagonal from us in the alley. RIGHT AFTER WE WAVED TO HIM. AND COMCAST WAS NOT WORKING. The internet was out. I could have caught him on tape.

Three days later I took the recycling out.

And said hi to TWO guys walking down the alley and decided to watch them. They did not say hi back.

My other neighbor popped out into the alley to watch them too. We called the police. Her husband followed them. Actually chased them. They split up, he followed one guy. The police caught one and questioned him. But they hadn't broken into a house yet so there was no evidence. But because they were followed and because we called the police we prevented a break-in.

But there were three more break-ins.

And eventually one guy was caught red-handed in a house in a different city.

So as you can see... I stay at home and stuff just happens to me.